About us

Armenian company WATERLOK was founded in 2000.

The main activity is the filling and bottling of natural spring water under the license of the Ministry of Nature Protection of Armenia.

The Company uses a natural source located in an ecologically clean area of Aparan region in Armenia on the slopes of Mount Aragats (4090 m).

The bottling of natural spring water is done in a technically well-equipped enterprise with assurance of quality control and food safety.

The company's goal is to supply the population with high-quality natural and clean water, as well as the protection of the natural source and its surroundings. All of our natural and mineral waters have their own individual characteristics, making Armenian brand APARAN well recognized water in Armenia and abroad.

Product description

Best choice of great combination of quality, style and taste in bottled water- is pristine spring waters of Mount Aragats.

Of course, the natural spring water is the most delicious. Different taste of APARAN water comes from dissolved therein minerals that it absorbs gradually and naturally, during its passage through the underground granite layers of Mount Aragats - a journey that ends at the green hillsides of the village Kuchak Aparan region, and only then filled into designed bottles in a modern water bottling plant.

It’s all about balance

Scientists express the amount of minerals in water as a TDS number – Total Dissolved Solids. Too low a TDS can result in bland, tasteless water; too high can be a little overwhelming. Aparan Water has a palate-pleasing TDS of 231, a level generally agreed by knowledgeable consumers as “just right”.

The Ideal Value

If you’re following the current debate on “acid vs alkaline” water, it is comforting to know that Aparan spring water is ideally positioned on the pH scale; its pH of 6.8 is virtually spot on the neutral point of 6.8.

Due to two main advantages - its TDS of 231 and its pH level of 6.8, spring water APARAN is tasty and useful.

An important feature – spring water APARAN is almost neutral - and as such, is one of the very few mineral waters in Armenia, thanks to a well-balanced pH.

Spring water APARAN is product of Mother Nature and is lightly touched by man on the way to your table.

Spring water APARAN - a superior product, is ideal for a healthy life.